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Thread: Dragon gift

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    Dragon gift

    I suspect it's too blue and too boring/lacking some areas of high contrast. Thoughts?

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    whenever you have an artificial light source the strength of the light diminishes the farther away it gets from the origin point. Change the value of the lights on the surfaces being illuminated to show this effect.

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    You're making the same mistake that you made with your other piece. There's no sense of light and contrast. It's drab looking. You're painting is essentially dark slate highlighted with muddy blue. You need to push your light sources far further. Zoom out from your painting until it's the size of a thumbnail. The image becomes a blur because you have no splashes of color or highlights to break apart all of the dark, dull shapes you have. The worst part about it is that you set yourself up for an excellent light source, and you chose to ignore it.

    I did another paint-over so that you can see how the light can be pushed to create a more focused and dynamic image.

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    The light sources seems unclear as the others have said. There seem to be light shafts coming from above and a little reflected light from below. The gift doesn't appear to give off much light at all.

    Maybe try and do some paintovers for each individual lightsource to separate them better?

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    Hmmm...what is the etiquette for saying that I don't care for a paintover?
    Kieth, I realize you did the paintover very quickly, and it gives example to stronger light source, but the people asking for help won't know that you mean for it to be an example--they will think they should make it look like your PO. And your PO is wayyyy too bright and all of the subtlety is lost. The mood is lost, the setting is lost, and I still can't tell if the light is from the magic or from the cave ceiling.

    Actually, Derlaine, in your original post, you suspected that it lacked punch. You said as much. I would say keep doing what you're doing, but add some punch. I like the dark setting of the cave and the subtlety you're doing.

    I suspect dpaint meant for you to make a subtle darkening around the edges, and right side of the image, and an obvious focal point of hihglights on the dragon's face.

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    I agree with both Dpaint and Artfix.

    I like the general idea of this but like you said in your op, it lacks punch. So maybe reducing everything that isnt close to the magical light source to deep shadow would help create that atmospheric punch - i.e., have the dragon looming at the wizard from darkness so all you'd see clearly is its head and a little bit of the neck. You could still keep the shafts of light in the cave in the background, just make them much darker and less of a light source to balance better with the foreground. I also think maybe the dragon's lower jaw is on a different angle of perspective than the rest of it because it reads like it's a side on view while the neck and upper heard read like a three quarter view.

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