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Thread: The Game Scouts

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    The Game Scouts

    Hey everyone!
    Wow, it's been such a long time since I last posted here. Crazy! In the past few months, my illustration career took an interesting turn and I started a video game review site, The Game Scouts!
    We are currently in BETA, but the site is open for suggestions and comments. We're a family operated review site, so you can expect honest, no BS reviews. We would be honored if you could stop by, give us your thoughts and comments. There is also a sign up option (it's free) so you can stay up to date with our official launch later this year.

    thanks everyone!
    The Game Scouts

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    2003? That's a long-timer alright.

    Very pro looking site. One quibble though, I'm using Firefox. First I clicked
    on the drop down menu and selected PC reviews, then I clicked on the Classics
    tab. After that I brought up the PC reviews again, but when I clicked PC on the drop
    down menu, nothing happened. It just remained on the classics section.

    Also, going to move this to the lounge, you will probably get a wider audience there
    as well.

    EDIT: Unable to move it at the moment with the forums in their current state, perhaps
    another mod or admin will be able to.

    Thanks to whoever moved this!
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    Big Thanks!

    Thank you Star Eater.
    Yea, been on here for a long, long time!
    Some of the links are still static since we're lacking major content at this point.The BETA was launched literally a few days ago, so the PC reviews section is still in the works!

    We're making updates daily, so we're hoping to iron out the bugs as soon as possible! I would be honored if you could sign up on our forums, it's free, so that I can keep you up to date with the site's official launch!
    here is the forum link:

    thanks again,

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    No harm in signing up. *signs up*

    Edit: It's a nice professional looking site, I look forward to seeing the wrinkles ironed out and more content uploaded. (Recommend you make a Bug Report section on the forums soon. )
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    Thank you!

    Thank you manlybryan, a bug report section is a great idea! And thank you so much for signing up!!

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