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Hey there!

I would like to invite you to check out my latest 3 hour concept art tutorial entitled "Old Mother Yew"

You can find this as well as other full-length tutorials and high-res digital prints at



Old Mother Yew takes you through the entire process of creating a concept art (photoshop - digital) painting from original sketch to finished product. Throughout the entire tutorial, every tool, keyboard shortcut, drawing and rendering technique is explained and demonstrated in real-time. Once you have a solid grasp of the techniques and steps taken to execute the work, each part is followed by watching the actual time-lapsed painting unfold.

This tutorial doesn't only aim to teach the specific methods and tools used to produce this particular painting. It also aims to provide you with the knowledge on how you can be creative with the tools to achieve whichever effect you wish to tackle depending on your specific goals.

Technique covered:

- Brushes; An in-depth explanation on brush settings and how to configure them to your personal preference
- Original sketch; how to achieve a technically sound and artistically creative sketch
- Blocking; a very effective, quick and industry approved technique for blocking-in your sketch to prepare it for colour and lighting
- Lighting and Shading; Preparing your layers for multiple lighting and shading passes. Fleshing out detail and character through the lighting and shading process
- Tweaking and Adjusting; a quick and effective means to make risk-free colour and value adjustments to your work
- Detail; adding fine detail to your base drawing to add life and believability
- Custom Brushes; how to quickly and easily create your own custom brushes to cater to your own artistic style
- Character Design; A quick explanation of character design. Achieving balance and weight in a character pose
- Water Effects; A personalized explanation and demonstration on how the water effects were achieved in this painting
- Advanced Lighting Effects; A detailed explanation on the properties of light, from the perspective of the human eye as well as a photographic camera.
- Advanced lighting (digital); A detailed explanation on how the properties of light translate into the digital medium
- Storytelling; Creating story and a solid focal point in a painting (how to emphasize the focal point)
- Final touches; The simple yet crucial finishing touches in a painting to colour, composition and storyline to ensure balance and theatrical impact


- Exploring an artists career
- Discovering your true value as an artist
- Is being "one in a million" a bad thing?
- how to find answers through the minds of other artists
- Standing out artistically in a competitive industry
- Discovering your personal "style"
- how to stay productive and never losing your ambition to move forward
- Creative confidence
- A world of perspectives - endless inspiration
- Should you be a "goal setter?"
- The "magic" ingredient to finding style, growth and ambition (coming to terms with "yourself")
- How to avoid falling into a rut