Hi, thanks for taking the time to glance at my piece. I'm new here, and was immediately impressed with the level of critique some people are willing to give.

This is an environment piece for a game i'm developing, its purpose was to highlight the sorts of rock formations you'll see on the walls (the focal point was supposed to be the arch in the semi foreground, i tried to bring it out by rendering it more, but failed.) I'm most concerned about depth and value, but my lighting scheme seems messy too. i'll describe it below.

Canyon WIP - tear it to shreds!

the idea was to have the light shining through the two triangular bits of sky at the top, and slightly to the left, and casting onto the rock in the right foreground. I think it ended up looking as though there was light casting from the top right onto the left orange bits, making the right bit not work. I'd love to hear anything you have to say, though. thanks in advance.