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Thread: Terror Clown (remastered after 2 years) (moved from FF)

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    Wasp Terror Clown (remastered after 2 years) (moved from FF)

    Hello world! my name is Kunal Luthra and i made this in a concept art challange 2 years ago, found it today on my harddrive. saw ALOT of things that looked to funky so i tried to "fix" or do it better! just to se if i learnt something over the past two years xD hope so!

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    Hi Kunal,

    Firstly, congratulations on wanting to better yourself, it's an admirable trait.

    To be honest, from a tonal point of view at least, I actually prefer your previous effort. I find the second a little washed out - I think this can be resolved by taking a few points in to consdieration.

    I think it would help you to do some color swatch thumbnails so that you have a strong plan of action from which to work, and one that won't take you hours to establish. I also think that when it comes to a scenario such as this, you should re-draw from scratch, as sometimes trying to polish something you recently thought lacking ( especially something old) can be more counter productive as you're are governed by your your previous efforts far too closely. They dictate your every move, structurally and tonally.

    I would suggest mainly concentrating on your tonality at first and understand what you are trying to achieve. In my opinion, at the moment the lighting needs to really pull focus on the head and upper torso of your chosen form of composition, so work from there on making that your focal point tonally. Determine your light sources and work accordingly - If the clown is being lit from the back then his overall mass should look to be darker in contrast to really pick up on the relationship between background and foreground...

    I think a lighter background with some more environmental details, radiating with carnival lights is a starting point - and be sure to perhaps keep them out of focus to strengthen your main characters focus. This would put him mainly in silhouette, however you could then choose to add a focus light his upper half from perhaps , below? This would add more to his menace whilst still giving oppurtunity for his features to stand out.
    The light source in question doesn't necessarily have to make sense from a placement point of view, just so long as it has reason and consequence.

    Find photo reference of lit figures, reference of clothing. Find photo reference of a scene, even from a movie perhaps...understand his environment, his attire, his physique - then apply what you understand in to a cohesive arrangement, and light it to most effectively convey the mood you are after

    I hope my babble helps in some small way!

    Good luck, and do post your journey should you choose to continue with the piece!
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    There's no reason to be posting anything that big. Please repost a non-humungous image.

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