Shadow Stalker: Thanks! I'm happy to happy to give back the inspiration to the community i took it from (hopefully that makes sense XD )

Greenhouse: Thanks, and i'm glad you have found the resources useful I like the winter view the most too. was easiest one to make as well- maybe because i'm used to flatlands with grass and trees, as opposed to shorelines with cliffs? as to the trueblood's spoof- this series is just asking for it - it's so ridiculous lately, i can't treat it as anything different than an oversexed comedy

Well, my observational skills are getting stronger, but i still get hopelessly stuck whenever drawing from imagination. What i see repeated around this board often is that you can't learn to draw from imagination without.. drawing from imagination. So here are some doodles (that made me think i should do some clothing studies):
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And some clothing studies from refs that followed:
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i should do more of those...but then again- i should do more of everything XD