Hi all,

Been working finally getting some artwork together. it is all based on dscript (alphabetical glyphs.. each symbols is a string of letters, still legible, but very flexible)

unfortunatly it cant really be turned into a font, requires a human mind to produce and read (well.. you could build software.. but it would be a monster project)

started doing a series based on famous quotes.. the nice thing is I have found it easy to come up with ideas.. first pick some text, start designing the dscript, and by the time the dscript comes together, I usually have a good idea what im gonna do with it, seems to "cure designers block" block for me.

drawn with Chinese callig bruses(last 2 with a normal pen), scanned, vectorized in inkscape, and then vector designs added.

i put dscript into the creative commons, so all are free to use/copy/modify/sell/etc, no royalty/fee/etc.. if anyone is interested, and im glad to help/get involved pro bono in any projects that may like to use it

what do you think? about the art itself preferably, im sure its very amateurish and the symbolism is crude (and dscript too if you like, but that is a whole topic unto itself)