Sketchbook: Hunting down my lazyness

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    Hunting down my lazyness

    Im 17, have been drawing for about 6 years. Im not really good with introductions
    Trying to improve many aspects of my drawing at the moment so Ill be posting random studies and sometimes things I drew from my imagination.
    Feel free to comment and critique
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    A little unfinished study
    I really need to draw more legs

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    Moar please!

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    Maybe do some still lifes and focus on getting a nice range of values, I think it would help you level up your work.

    "The whole point of practice is to do it until you can do it right." - dpaint

    Dont trust anything i say! I'm a noob.
    My Noob Sketch Book
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    catukas: you can be sure that there will be more :B
    element1988: oh yeah i definitely should do some, the last still life i drew was probably 5 months ago
    Haven't done any decent study's lately, mostly fooling around
    Tried doing a turn around sorta thing, but it looked horrible so I think ill just redo it.

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    Im having some scanner troubles currently, so ill post all the traditional stuff i did when i get it fixed. In the meanwhile i decided to dust off my little bamboo tablet and try to do some digital painting, I guess i should have picked a more simple subject for my first try but oh well

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    Here's some more digital stuff
    trying to learn how to paint
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    Todays study :] took me a few hours but I'm pretty pleased with the result

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    Todays digital study, this was kinda a pain in the neck to be honest :p
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