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Thread: Girl WIP

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    Girl WIP

    Ok, so here's my latest attempt. It's supposed to be a girl laying in bed, holding a picture frame with blood sprayed behind her in the shape of wings. No real purpose behind it, just something weird that popped in my head. It's not finished yet but any feedback would be great!

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    Did you have a reference of someone actually laying in on a bed? Your image is more like someone standing, and having their hair floated by some ghostly presence/power (the blood wings and overall goth look just strengthen that). Remember that gravity is pulling them from "behind" and if the bed is soft their head might get covered by their hair as the heavier head pushes down to the bed further than the hair which can also affect her head pose/angle compared to the neck, same as her body and her upper arms would be likely to rest on the bed, only the lower arms rising, and you have to also make this visible through lighting, which right now is kinda everywhere.

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    I realized the lighting really didn't support the fact that she's laying on a bed... I'll try to get some better reference and correct that. For the hair, I figured I'd have the hair falling back and laying flat on the bed? At least that's what I was trying to go for...

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    She seems rather stiff, and like her hair is just floating ^^;.
    Have you tried 'loosening' out her pose?

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