I am just not pretty sure, if is that right place on this forum- right topic. Hope so.

I am working on a web site for personal purposes and the sites are targeting to more "painted style" "handwriting" etc.

To my pity I sold my wacom tablet few months ago. And now I really need it! I found out that is really will be very nice to sketch some simple hills and grass to separate footer from information content of my future web sites. As you can see on example. The first one is my sketch- need on the right side 2 icons (F) (M), which symbolize some bushes or anything that. And on the left side is Tea Leaves- the web sites is about tea basically.

So my BIG ASK is to say please somebody from that sites, if could be able for me very creative- fast sketch these idea- just similar as a picture below my sketch- some hills on background- with watercolor effect as a paint... You may it be could add a grass effect over the hill.

So anybody could be do it for me? If so, I WILL BE SO PLEASED!
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Thank you very much.

picture what I mean:
Ask: Simple paint sketch need it