There's a new platform for the creative and socially aware to design, share, discuss, vote and buy products. Voices Republic produces t-shirts around user-submitted designs, the winning submission receives $1,000 and a percentage of t-shirt sales.

There are currently three projects, Media Nation, Geeks Are Cool and Election 2012, up on the site, and I’d love for one of you to collect the $1K prize!

More on the projects:

Media Nation
Media has become a fully integrated part of our daily lives. Many people spend hours glued to a screen (or screens!) watching the latest reality show or surfing the web. What effect does this relationship have on society? Is the media a true reflection of our times or are the times subject to the influence of today’s media? What do you think? Let us know!

Geeks Are Cool
Ever wonder about the dudes that picked on Mark Zuckerberg in High School? Bet they’re wishing they had been a little more Friend-ly with him over the years. Because of the minds of Zuck, the King of social networking, and Steve Jobs, the late, great trailblazer of cool, we suddenly have a new standard for measuring what's in. It’s the Geeks that are innovating and motivating change for our future. Create and submit your own #Geeksarecool expression.

Election 2012: Is it time to O-Mitt? Choose your own party.
It's a heated year in U.S. politics: Jobs are on everyone's minds, the economy is still questionable, and no one agrees on who should carry the tax burden. The two frontrunners --President Barack Obama, and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney-- have voiced their stances on these issues and more. But why is it that with every election cycle, our choices seemingly become more and more limited? From Left to Right, or Democrat to Republican: why is it always one or the other?

If you are not happy with the choices presented, we want to hear from you. Create and submit your #OMITT campaign for a chance to win a $1000, plus 5% of the proceeds of the design’s t-shirt sales in the Voices Republic shop. Good Luck!