Hi there im in some kind of situation, right now ive made my mind about enrolling and study art seriously, but here im my current location there are no art schools of anything like that .

2 months ago ive started studying art online, but have to pause it , in this time i decided that i have to do it right, online is not enough! you have to be in a correct environment where all is about art, and of course get the enrichment of the teachers experience and other students feedback to get the full experience.

So ill need some advice of you guys that are out there and can help me recommending me cities where the cost of living is affordable for a part time worker, ateliers, and doing estimates of the cost of living in each one, like how much ill be spending in meals, where to live, where is much cheaper the rent, How much you earn in a part time job there, etc.

i haven't decided yet where it would be more convenient to travel, It has to be an English speaking country, and i have to be able to get a part time job or full time to finance my living and study there....., once im there, there wont be much support from my parents, so must likely ill be on my own, and students visa don't allow you to work , ill need a permission to work which is hard to get.

so my options are these:


New york
Arts students league :
The can handle perfectly international students, have the permissions and can offer part time work on campus, but no more than 5 hours a week and it is not fixed or secure, but on summer vacations "3 months" you can work full time. And after the firsts year you can require a remission to work outside campus.


Academy of Realism Art:
they give me a certificate that i will be enrolling there, which ill have to pay for and show in the visa interview , and they wont refund that money back.

and as for the work goes ill be on my own, will have to get a job under the table, without permission my status as student will be in danger and i might be deported.

George town atelier:

their students work gallery is amazing, but they dont have the permissions for internationals and, in that way will be a complete similar process that with the academy of realism art in Boston.


Academy of realism art:
is located in Toronto, they seem to have the ability to import students but they don't provide part time job in campus, so ill have to get a job under the table, while i get a permission or something, But this gets my student status in danger, and get deported.

Thanks for your time.