IDW # 209 : Shmeat Maker

Topic: Shmeat Maker
Deadline: Sunday, July 8

According to scientists, shmeat (otherwise known as lab grown meat) is just around the corner. If this is the case, why bother going to the grocery store when you can produce your own! None of the emotional attachment, dirt or stink of a real animal, but all of the fresh meaty goodness.

Some things to note: your design should reflect the styles of the near future- say 10 years from now. What scale of production is up to you. You should also note that the shmeat wouldn't just be grown and sit about- it needs to be "exercised" in order to gain the texture people are used to.

Info and Inspiration:

In vitro meat- Wikipedia
Fake meat: is science fiction on the verge of becoming fact?

1. Design and draw a Shmeat Maker.
2. That's it... now draw!

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