Art: Drawings from various projects (new at bottom of thread)
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Thread: Drawings from various projects (new at bottom of thread)

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    Drawings from various projects (new at bottom of thread)

    Lately, I only posted on Internet forums when I wanted to pick up some freelance's been a while since I came around for social reasons. Kind of weird, that; I used to post on forums all the time. Guess I was busy, or something. Anyway, I don't have anything interesting to say, so here are some pictures:

    Toad of Toad Hall

    ...some guy said this toad looks like Jabba the Hutt; I looked him up on Google. Ha, ha; he does.

    Packbawky Hoarder

    Smoke dragon

    Poor daikon, I hate using colours.

    Man being abused by his snake (ha, ha, ha)

    Some pictures from a project for (the next few are all from that):

    Name:  actor.jpg
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    Some goofy sketch I drew one day when I was feeling under the weather:

    Yeah, that's probably enough, eh? Some of them I already posted on DA, and stuff, but a couple were just posted here. Most of them are from a book about how to draw, or from "The Wind in the Willows," I think, drawn in the last 18 months or so. I wanted to post more newer stuff, but have NDAs on my head.

    Does anyone else live in Vancouver, by the way? I used to know a few illustrators from this area, but fell out of touch. Just curious; I won't stalk you if you admit to living here. ;-)

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