I was just wondering how many different projects you guys work on at any given time.

It's varied for me, depending where I am with my education haha.

In school, I barely did any personal art projects, but while I was in college I was working on two graphic novels, as well as doing a series of portraits, and planning other comic books.

Now that I'm in university, I don't have as much time. Right now I work on one graphic novel, while planning for another comic series, and I'm attempting to draw the entirety of the first generation Pokemon on the side.

I find that I always have different levels of priority for these projects though. For example, my graphic novels always take the highest priority, and I have specific weekly goals I try to hit for them. When planning my other comics, I don't worry about doing a 'weekly amount', I just plan when I have ideas. The Pokemon challenge is something I tried to do weekly at first (drawing 4 a week), but it's kind of fallen onto the back burner now and I've yet to get going with it again.

Gosh, sorry for the babbling! But anyway; how many projects are you currently working on, and how do you divide your time/ prioritise them?