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    Talking How many projects do you work on at once?

    I was just wondering how many different projects you guys work on at any given time.

    It's varied for me, depending where I am with my education haha.

    In school, I barely did any personal art projects, but while I was in college I was working on two graphic novels, as well as doing a series of portraits, and planning other comic books.

    Now that I'm in university, I don't have as much time. Right now I work on one graphic novel, while planning for another comic series, and I'm attempting to draw the entirety of the first generation Pokemon on the side.

    I find that I always have different levels of priority for these projects though. For example, my graphic novels always take the highest priority, and I have specific weekly goals I try to hit for them. When planning my other comics, I don't worry about doing a 'weekly amount', I just plan when I have ideas. The Pokemon challenge is something I tried to do weekly at first (drawing 4 a week), but it's kind of fallen onto the back burner now and I've yet to get going with it again.

    Gosh, sorry for the babbling! But anyway; how many projects are you currently working on, and how do you divide your time/ prioritise them?

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    Ahahahaha, way too many...

    There's the paying jobs, of course, which tend to overlap a lot, especially during the busy seasons when everybody seems to have the same deadlines. There's some long-term ongoing personal projects. There's a ton of smaller personal projects either in progress, in planning stages, or back-burnered on the ever-growing list of things to do. There's random spontaneous stuff for practice (such as "Hey, there's a parade today! Let's go sketch the parade! Oh hey, I feel like practicing landscapes today! Let's go out and paint!") Right now there's homework (which I should be working on...) (Hi, Elwell...) Sometimes I get sucked into challenges and contests and OCTs. (Too many OCTs, up until a few weeks ago. Now I'm swearing off those for a while - they took too much time away from other projects.)

    In terms of priority, paying work comes first, of course, followed by homework and personal projects that have a definite deadline (contests and so forth.) Then everything else.

    When I was in school there really wasn't time for much of anything except school work, but I usually made up for that by pottering around with personal projects throughout the summer.

    At the moment I've got, let's see, five paying gigs of varying scope at various stages, homework, an ongoing massive webcomic project, the bare beginnings of a second ongoing massive comic project, four paintings-in-progress I need to finish, a ton more I need to re-do, a comic site to build, a portfolio site to re-build, and that ever-growing list of future projects lurking in the background... And it's summer, so I keep getting distracted with going outside and sketching whatever. So yeah, multitasking much?

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    1 at the most, usually never finish them because there's always 100 things wrong with them and it bothers me.

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    4 or 5 different clients usually for variety, and then my own junk which I put in my sketchbook, is 6.
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    I have 5 ongoing although 3 of them are my own and I do them when I feel like it. I've 10 more painting commissions that I've not started yet. Sadly I don't paint fast and have an eye condition that often means I can't work for weeks on end, but luckily everyone waiting on paintings knows this and are understanding and willing to wait a while for their paintings.
    My priority for which paintings I do really comes down to who needs theirs quickest, 2 of my commissions are for gifts so they are going to be the ones I'll concentrate on first. Then I'll do my other commissions and at some point I'll go back to my own projects.

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