Paper Deformation

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    Paper Deformation

    Basically, I'm working on 50lb sketching paper and I keep the fleshy pinky side of my hand on the pad as I draw from the elbow and for some reason my paper starts to morph/warp. I think it's from my kinda moist hands? (fuckin' summer time and being too poor for AC LOLOLOL!!!), but I'm also wondering if it could be from continuous palm to pad sliding and shit? I mean my hands aren't dripping wet and to be honest, the only parts of my hands that feel moist is between each finger, where the webbing is. Could it also be maybe grease? Ugh... I hate this! I'm not sure what's going on; I might try drawing with rubber surgical gloves or maybe some cotton ones.

    Anyone have any solutions? Thanks guys.

    EDIT: I think it might be the fact that's it's spiral bound and the paper might be shifting ever so slightly as I draw? I feel so stupid making this thread...

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    My hands get sweaty when I draw, I use a small towel or spare folded up sheet of paper underneath my hand.

    Scrub over to about 2:28-ish, you'll see this fellow use a towel as well:

    No shame in covering your hand.

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    Put a plastic sheet protector under your forearm.

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