First Concept Art Design, need advice and critique

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    First Concept Art Design, need advice and critique

    So here is my first attempt at a real drawing on Photoshop using a tablet. Hopefully you guys can give me some advice on how to improve. Im not studying art, just enjoy it and want to get better at realistic looking concept art. So far been drawing woman mostly with a reference.

    The parts I do not like here are the skin tone, had trouble picking the tone and once I realized it was off I had done a lot.

    I had no idea how to build the hair correctly or choose a real looking blond color, so it looks rushed cause I kind of just wanted to finish at that point.

    Also the jacket and shirt are pretty bad. Anyways those are the parts I had trouble with and done really like, but hopefully you guys can give me some input and advice, maybe a link that explains the steps in general etc.

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    To improve, go practice structural drawing and lighting with a pencil on paper. You can't get over the fundamental errors in your digital painting without that.

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    You can use a reference for color too. Build a palette before you start. You can keep it on a separate layer, and paint off of that just like you're painting with physical paint.

    Try finding photos with palettes you like, then use the eye dropper tool to pick up color out of the highlights and shadows. Figure out what the base tones are. You'll be surprised at the colors you'd find in different places. Then do some studies from real life, because photographs and computer monitors don't pick up a fraction of the color you'll find in person.

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