I'm not very good with titles.

Hello Conceptart.org!

I have been trying to improve lately by studying the foundations. Because I have lurked this website for a few years, I have found resources that (I'm pretty sure) have helped me improve my art. It is clear I have a lot to learn, but I've actually found it pretty fun to study these things.

The girl in armor was done in photoshop after studying some tutorials from ctrlplaint.com, the skull study was done in a store called "The Bone Room" near where I live, and the two colored anatomy studies were done out of a book called Anatomy Lessons From the Great Masters. I added some color to some of the muscle groups to try and make memorizing a bit easier.

I'd post up some other notes, but those are mainly on lined paper and can sometimes be indecipherable! Those notes are generally on color theory basics, some notes from James Gurney books, and even some Loomis. Writing things out sometimes helps me sort things out easier.

Thanks for your time,