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Thread: "If all the other humans died, would you still draw?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by JFierce View Post
    Naw that one is easy. People don't start drawing because they're making it their career and most people it's their hobby.

    If I had no money worries (which I almost did at once point but sadly had some bad luck and it didn't pan out) I'd draw more than ever. I'd draw my own stuff and fill a big room with all my shit. I'd publish my own comic. All sorts of fun stuff.
    I think money would be the least of your problems with no one else on earth.

    Besides, there is that element of showing people and expressing yourself to others that you'd miss. It'd basically just be masturbation if you had no one else around.
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    I thought you meant non apocalyptic world.
    Since there would be no need for any money obviously if you were the only human.
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    I draw for a blend of the two, I draw for social reaction. Not in the sense of gaining some type of fame or money, I draw because I love the world around me and what I mean by social reaction is that I want my art to be a doorway for other people to enjoy it as much as I do. I saw alot of video game landscapes and characters when I was young and how beautiful it all was, how happy, adventurous,curious,fascinated it made me feel and I liked it. If there were no more people in the world, I probably wouldn't be drawing because I'd me much too fascinated by the newly abandoned real world.Salvaging things and building elaborate shelters In the middle of streets out of bicycle parts or something, or houses out of sea shells. I wouldn't have anyone to show how amazing an alligator sketch is because I'd already know how amazing an alligator is. Then again I probably would be doing it because that lovely artist OCD would be ever so present, thus my brain possibly would have to prove to itself over and over again just how amazing it really is. So I don't know about the process of drawing, I still have to work/think on that but I know for sure no matter what I'd be doing some kind of art.

    One can quit drawing, but can't banish creativity, I could quit drawing but i'd inevitably become that old lady that puts beads, flowers,and hearts on everything..

    Quote Originally Posted by dpaint View Post
    Probably not, since most people on here weren't around watching the Twilight Zone in the sixties. For all you yungin's who missed some of the best tv writing ever, catch a marathon next time it plays. The episode Dusty is referring to

    Time Enough At Last One of the best. Right up there with the Architects of Fear and The Howling Man
    Marathoning several seasons thanks to a friend, any more favorites ?
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    id do some doodles probably, but id be mainly putting my time into a) surviving and b) searching for anything worthwhile to "make love with".
    newest sketchbook
    oil paintings

    "Have only 4 values, but all the edges you want." Glen Orbik
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