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Thread: "If all the other humans died, would you still draw?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by QueenGwenevere View Post
    So draw other animals instead of people. I know I would.

    Not that it would matter if your art was accurate, because who's gonna see it? You could draw bad animu porn till your fingers fall off and nobody would care.

    Come to think of it, I have the sneaking suspicion I would end up drawing a lot of smut... And a lot of over-wrought convoluted melodramas in comic form... Gotta ease the stress of being sole survivor somehow.

    Oh, and BIG crazy murals on all remaining structures. Totally.
    Yeah well I dunno, if everyone died, it would be the kind of thing to want to draw as you remembered everyone in your life.

    For some reason though, bad animu and shitting dicknipples, as well as bizarre furry art is what I imagine the next sentient lifeforms find after we all die. D:
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    With all the wireless signals flying around, I wouldn't be surprised if we've already been broadcasting bushels of bad art into space...

    No wonder aliens never visit.
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    How would you even *know* that every single other human died? The world is a huge place chock full of the things. Logic dictates that if I survived, then there must be other survivors, so it'd pay off to go and find them.

    Then make art for them.
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    Pretty sure I'd be too depressed to even think about art. I love making art, but I love my family, girlfriend and friends A LOT more.
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    Thank you all for answering. Things are making a bit more sense to me now.

    Quote Originally Posted by OmenSpirits View Post

    Drawing is only one form of creatively "expressing" (I hate to use the word in that fashion because it's not meant as other have used it) the thoughts and drive that I have. If no one was left in society, I'd probably be drawing, painting, sculpting, building structures, mostly anything that takes one the ability to solve a problem, but a creative fashion.

    I like solving problems in a creative way. Keys my mind up and brings me pleasure.
    Well thanks for not just leaving "this" to others... thinking more about it, this is probably the closest to some of my own reasons for drawing. I've gone long periods without drawing, but I've been creative problem solving for as long as I can remember. Art is good for that because there are always new problems.
    I get bored easily as soon as something is no longer a challenge or there is nothing new to learn.
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    Very good question, and I personally find it hard to answer.

    When I got into manga at the beginning of the millenium, I decided I wanted to become a pro. I tried mainstream styles and tropes and "special" scenes or characters, and to harvest popularity that way. My massive amount of fanart even earned me that for a couple of years.
    I worked commissions, and kept working hard to improve and even sent my work in to publishing houses. Back then, I thought I was good; looking back, I sucked. Regardless, at some point I felt burnt out. Empty and tired. Sucked dry in my quest to increase popularity and exposure and maybe some money here and there. I was no longer sure if I was drawing what I wanted, or what I expected others to want.

    The French cartoon U nudged me into a different direction. The style was messy, the characters random, but it was still narratively decent and visually appealing. I realized this is what I wanted to do: Express myself and tell stories without being bound by conventions and popularity. Do what pleases me, and what moves me, to hell with conventions. I realized that if I was going to enjoy drawing like I did before the whole anime fad, it had to be all about ME. This was one of my big steps in that direction: - so what if a scarf for arms didn't make sense. He needed a scarf, the scarf could do the arms' job, so why go through the trouble of adding arms? That was my new reasoning and I am still in love with it.
    Of course I still do fanart and commissions, but only if I truly like it or feel like working for someone else.

    So to me, the ME is more important than the audience. I am an attention for my art, and I love exposure and provocation, but still, if I don't "feel it", I no longer draw it. I do hope I can still sustain an audience for my work, but if not, well, their loss.
    I can find a perfectly good job outside of my happy place (art). I don't want the obligations and constraints of a professional life contaminating/soiling my happy place. I respect and admire artists who do what they enjoy and make a good living for themselves, but it's not for me. I was always an odd one, and I enjoy odd art, or at least "non-mainstreamable" stuff. IDF fanart, or surreal depictions of my lovelife are my thing but Disney couldn't sell it. I just no longer enjoy mainstream content. And that's usually what sells.

    As for the question in the title, of course I would. How else am I gonna kill time until I die, too? Though the lack of an audience to show it off to, kinda sucks...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacob Kobryn View Post
    Come on! In what world am I the last surivivor?!
    Earth 2.
    "Everything must serve the idea. The means used to convey the idea should be the simplest and clear. Just what is required. No extra images. To me this is a universal principle of art. Saying as much as possible with a minimum of means."
    -John Huston, Director
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    Is it weird that I've thought about this before. I came to the conclusion that yes I could.

    As much as It haunts me now and constantly reminds me that I'm not good enough for it, it is still the most personal and important thing in my life. Which just makes me sadder.
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    sb most art copied to page 1
    Weapons of Mass Creation 2011 ::: Add your favourites!
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    If all the other humans died. . .

    I'd probably be lookin' for some vigorous necro-time with the better lookin' ones before they got too rank. . .

    just sayin'!
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    Drawing for me is story telling, communicating ideas visually to others. So no I wouldn't draw because art to me is very communal.
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    I think I'd be more freaked out or concerned that I'm the last human on earth than have my mind on drawing, really.
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