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  • njoo

    47 52.81%
  • Obstfelder

    2 2.25%
  • TTmambo

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  • Caio Chagas

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Thread: C.O.W. #266: Front-line Assault Beast-VOTING!

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    C.O.W. #266: Front-line Assault Beast-VOTING!

    Round 265 - Voting!

    Topic: Front-line Assault Beast

    Deadline for voting: July 18th, 2012

    Round Requirements (read BEFORE voting!):

    - The creature must clearly show some natural offensive and defensive ability that it uses on the enemy troops.

    - Bonus Points if you can show the creature in a battle scene using these abilities.
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    Adam Vehige aka VegasMike
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    Artist: PhilipO

    Concept: The Faceplanter

    The Faceplanter uses his tusks and his huge body to ”send the enemy forces to the other side”. His strongest ability is to curl him self into a ball and roll over his enemies.
    The Faceplanter is a easily frightened creature though, but thanks to his huge size and his big shell, this is no disadvantage. When things are starting to heat up on the battle field, The Faceplanter just turns around and let his big butt falls to the ground facing his allies, and therefore protecting both him self and the troupes behind the big shell.

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    There be my entry, behold!!

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    Here's mine:

    Artist: MacTire

    Concept: Leviathan Crab

    This giant crustacean combines artillery piece and siege engine into one. Whether clearing ramparts with an acidic torrent from its bombarier beetle-like abdominal jet, providing cover beneath its armoured carapace or simply tearing down defenses with massie crushing claws the leviathan crab is a devastating addition to an assault force.
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    Artist: nJoo

    Concept: Spineback Trampler

    Million of years ago when the world was near extinction, insect parasite attached to living animals for survival and as the day passes, both the insect and the creature needed each other for survival. The magic of evolution has fused the two together into one and caused the giant mutation of the creature resulting in the current form. The spineback trampler are tamed and now used as the great siege weapon of war, it's massive size and tough shell like armor provides it with both superior offensive and defensive abilities.
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    Artist: Bahkana

    Concept: Shielded Antlioncrab

    He scuttles about on four legs pushing swaths through the ranks with his arms that have abnormal bone growths. These shield arms are multipurpose: blunt object to sweep away large amounts of soldiers, huge shield to intercept incoming projectiles, and able to be stacked to create a wall when extreme defense is required. The design of the shield arms allows him to become a plow of sorts to quickly push through the ranks if need be. He also has piercers that grow out of his back that allow him to skewer any immediate threat over his shield arms.

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    Artist: Obstfelder

    Concept: Hammernose

    The hammernose is the favorite warbeast of the Brakesian empire. The size of a whale and extremely ill-tempered, even one of these beasts can trample an army to pulp. In combat the monster is controlled by it's side mounted rider, who urges the beast on with the barbs of a hooked lance.

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    Artist: TTmambo

    Concept: Whiteshell Crab

    There were once a great tribe that lived by the sea, they worship the great whiteshell crab that they believe to be god of ocean. In times of danger, the "god" crab that they worship raise above the ocean and fight along side the tribesman.

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    Artist: Antono

    Concept: Hellspitter

    The creature were born from the magma of the volcano, how it survives the extreme temperature is unknown. Rumor has it that the blood of lava flows through the creature. The monster is controlled using the dark magic in which he is used to fight in great battles, trampling through enemies and burning village with his lava spit. Its name comes from the terror it brings as if hell as unleashed on earth.

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    Artist: Caio Chagas

    Concept: Season Screamer

    Used as a war machine for many years, this bearish creature developed great shells to defend itself from aerial attacks, as it was the only possible way to harm the beast. It uses a war cry that blows everything in the way, and uses giant claws as a weapon, but also to climb mountains, specially for war strategies.

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    Artist: Varguy

    Concept: Hornhead Charger

    Fierce war machine that is used both in the open field and as siege weapon to ram through the strongest gates and walls. The huge bone structure that extends to the creature's back acts as a stabilizer to its neck, which allows it to take even the strongest hits in full charge without slowing down.

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    Artist: EdwardB

    Concept: The Castlecracker
    At the forefront, the great beast forces its way through the doors with its two scythe like hands, the army can cover under the scaled tail of the creature to avoid arrows when rushing the gate.

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    Artist: scorge

    Concept: Berzerker Giants
    Berzerker Giants, the newest weapon of the goblin hordes in their war against men. BG's as they're called, are not related to common giants, and have a much more aggressive nature and are considered to be one of the most destructive beasts on earth alongside dragons and war scorpions. Usually raised in pairs for maximum destruction and terrorizing effect, the goblin generals have stolen these massive creatures as babes from the frozen wastes of Tashfarr, where BG's war with one another for territory and mating rights. When first introduced on the battlefield, it is said that a pair of Berzerker Giants annihilated an entire regiment of men in less than five minutes. Terrible and unyielding, the goblins have found their new champions in their cause for the downfall of man.
    Check it out
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