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Thread: What if someone made an art social network

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    Very interesting, Thank you guys this feedback is really fab! You all have helped me alot

    If you would like to comment and see the progress on a system we are working on that connects artists and creative users together by image preferences:

    Here is our video: briefly showing our testing versions of the product, your input is so important if you think we should make changes : D

    Thanks again,
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    "Connects artists and creative users together by image preferences" - I get the idea, but already allows users to link to Sketchbooks in our signatures, as well as subscribe to them, and choose what kind of notifications we want when folks reply to the same topics we've posted in. Point being already has a great reputation (one that I hope stays), great artists, and many folks who are willing to give advice to those honestly seeking it.
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    The images you used as an example of what art would go head to head were completely different styles.
    I don't think the idea is a good one at all, a lot of the people using sites are fairly new to drawing/painting and learning, it's my opinion that the site would possibly make some people turn away from art because they have been rated badly.
    Personally I don't care how popular my paintings are online, I always have commissions to do and it is more important to me that those who have asked me to paint for them are happy with the end result.
    Oh and in case your wondering I've had trouble making a gallery on here that's why I don't have one. I do have one on da but rarely use that site.
    This site is my fave one I like to read the forums and look at peoples artwork.

    Anyway good luck with your site if you make it but I won't be joining it.
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    Would it be more preferable to you the users if the main function of the site was for you to have just your portfolio rated (1 v 1) by just your friends who you invite/choose to follow?

    Or perhaps you have 2 versions of a work that you want opinions on & you can have your chosen followers rate it for you (This way you know who is rating it)

    -User Profiles
    -Individual ratings
    -Privacy of having just your friends/followers rate your works
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