I hope this is the right thread, if not please shift it to its right location.

I'm producing a dueling card game and rather than raving it filled with my own cartoonish style art form I thought it would be nice to get the community to participate.

Its going to be a freely produced card game at first for people to print and play while I make an android and idevice version of it also.

What I'd like are two things. The first are hero cards. The game is called 9-5 and the heros are working professionals. Cops, secretaries, doctors, etc...

Draw a profession in a heroic style pose and such, come up with a name (good or evil) like Corrupted Officer of Donuts or The Blind Barrista. Also include a brief back story in a few words for the base of the card.

The second thing is a weapon card. Same story but with everyday items like Jewel Encrusted Frying Pan or Shooken Up Beer Can. Again with art and a small back story.