My Batman costume concept

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    My Batman costume concept

    I've been trying to design what I think of as the perfect Batman costume.

    I started with a base of a pose I liked from "The Batman" animated series.
    First off, I went with different shades of dark grey instead of black. With a black costume he'd be darker than almost any shadow the city can offer. Dark greys would blend in much better with the city's bright form of darkness.

    I designed a new cowl with the ribbed neck for movement. The texture of the majority of the costume is scaled. They would be a kevlar/carbon fiber mix scale to help deflect bullets. The sides of the costume are more designed to take knife strikes. The gauntlets are designed after Capullo's in the new 52 Batman comic.

    I added thigh pouches to allow a real-world Batman more carrying capacity.

    This is a polished-rough idea of what I think Batman should be. I would love any comments or critiques

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    Please, shrink down the size of the image or practice some cropping, and work more on the anatomy.

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    Image removed. Please repost something that isn't so ridiculously oversized.

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