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    Can we make a shit-list/black-list of these jokers somewhere? With any kind of rip-off too (like unpaid wages, even if you're an employee not a contractor/freelance.).

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    This is great! So let me get this straight. I get the "chance" (up to you guys) to get $200.00 for art that would normally be worth $500 to $1000.00? Wow you guys are so very generous.
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    I value my design skills alot more than $200 chief! I'll give you an idea for $200, but I'll design it and execute it for 100 billion dollars! For that you get the logo, the type, the whole damn thing!
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    "I'll give you an idea for $200, but I'll design it and execute it for 100 billion dollars!"

    they just take the idea and not pay you. its a real pound stretcher not paying your contractors and running away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by katiezeal View Post
    Hello everyone,

    We’re running a $200 logo design contest for a games website and looking for a great logo design. Check out the website theme to get idea of what it should be through this link: http://i'


    1. The logo design must be your original work and shall not be copied from elsewhere.

    2. Copyrighted or trademarked images may not be used in the logo design.

    3. Any logo design submitted after the submission date will not be entered into the competition.

    4. In order to submit your logo, you must connect to via Facecbook.

    5. Any entry which shall not be able to gain votes shall be disqualified.

    6. Only one submission per user is allowed.

    7. Submissions using fake accounts will automatically disqualify.

    8. Top 5 voted logos will be reviewed by our management and the winner will be announced on 15-07-2012.

    9. We the right to announce the winner of the competition without any declaration to the participants.

    10. We will contact the winners by email to ask them for their account and other details for verification purposes. The winners will be guided through these emails for further steps.

    11. By entering into the contest you hereby transfer and assign all intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to, copyright and trademark) in and to the drawing and description, to

    12. By entering in the contest you also agree to abide by the above rules and grant us the right to edit, publish, display, promote, broadcast and otherwise use your entry, along with the your name without further permission, notice, or compensation, in any media now known, or hereafter developed.

    13. The final logo design selected becomes our property and may be used for any purpose determined by us.
    $200 Logo Design Contest

    Money, please?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Ross View Post
    So let me get this straight. I get the "chance" (up to you guys) to get $200.00 for art that would normally be worth $500 to $1000.00?
    Actually, for a professionally designed logo and the rights to use it, you could easily go up at least one order of magnitude.

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    For 200$ you get your company name typed on wathever #1 item on dafont is for the keyword "videogames"

    But you should probably pay the 200 $ upfront before receiving the 72 dpi png. file though.

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    Well I did come across someone offering $15 for a "professional logo".. (Good thing it's not a spec work but the pay is crap)

    And a bunch of artist reply and submit their portfolio to that.. Are you kidding me?? And the one chosen only gets $15. :/

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