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    Is deviantART an okay website to use? :/

    Hey guys - actually not sure if this was the right thread to put this in, so if not, sorry for cluttering - but anyway, I recently deleted all my stuff off of my deviantART, because I made a new account that I intended to use as a more serious showcase of my work ... but when I went to upload my first piece to that new account, it had me reread the terms of use, and I really didn't like what I saw. The extent of control deviantART has over anything you upload, coupled with the fact that they can give those same rights to anyone they want, made me really nervous. I sort of panicked and I started to delete everything I had uploaded to the old account, and I haven't touched the new one.

    However, now that I'm on here, I see that a lot of you have deviantART accounts ... and I'm also pretty stressed out by the lack of commission requests since I quit dA. Am I just overreacting? Is the extent of control dA has over your work actually a non-issue? Or is it a situation where I should only upload rough/unfinished/unimportant work to my dA gallery?

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    Deviant is to any extend okay to use, the reason why they have control is essentially because of the printsales, thats what I heard anyway, never heard deviantart missusing those rights.
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    Yes, you're overreacting.

    If you don't want to use Deviantart - then you can use other sites - which have similar Terms of Service.

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    Been on deviantART for 8 years and the only trouble I ever had concerning rights, is thieving subhuman trash too execrable of worth to create their own, using my stuff commercially, however that was not anyone running deviantART. The only problem was that the execrables seemed more credible than me and dA deleted MY work for theft when the thieves reported me.

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    Last I checked, the TOS on DeviantArt are pretty much the same as the TOS on every other website that allows people to post their own content. It's basically legalese to allow sites - and all the user-generated content on those sites - to be displayed on any device without having to have special licenses to display each piece of user-generated content on each type of device. (Computers, phones, tablets, and whatever other gadgets get invented next week...) That particular bit of legalese became widespread when it first became possible to view websites on multiple types of devices.

    The other reason that particular bit of legalese is used by most sites is so that sites can show screenshots or videos of their site for marketing and instructional purposes and so forth without getting in trouble for the fact that user-generated content may be visible on those screens.

    Also, with DA, they need to be able to make prints of your work if you submit it to the print store. They probably want to avoid having to negotiate rights every time they make a print-on-demand from your work...

    Last I checked, the DA terms also have a section that specifically states that anything you post is copyright to you, as long as you don't post something already copyrighted to someone else. So this counters any misreading of the other legalese about allowing them to have unlimited rights to display, transmit, etc. You're not transferring copyright by posting on DA or a similar site. All you are doing is allowing them to display the content on their site in whatever form that site takes in the future (HTML website, Flash site, iOS site, app, web-TV-monstrosity, interactive T-shirt, whatever...) And also to run their POD service.

    It's almost never something you need to worry about. I've never heard of any of the major sites ripping user content for commercial purposes. If anything, the biggest problem is users ripping other users' content...
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    Oh, good! Thank you, guys. :>

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