I dunno if anyone else has run into this issue at all...

I downloaded a trial of Photoshop CS6 extended recently to give it a whirl, and I noticed something frustrating with the 3D controls.

I opened up a great perspective tool that was put together called "Pennemann_3D_Perpsective.psd" (we have it over at the tutorial section here on CA.org.) I've used it in the past on CS5 no problem, but then again the controls over there made sense.

The problem I'm having with this file is that in CS5, it was easy to set up a perspective grid with it because it seemed like the file just rotated around the camera - the camera stayed stationary in the middle while you could rotate all the perspective objects around it to get the VPs you wanted and all that.

Within CS6 though, they've reconfigured everything, and now it seems whatever controls I use causes the camera to rotate around the object instead, which destroys the whole point of the file and makes it impossible to navigate it.

Has anyone else run into this and found a solution? This is all on windows 7.