Sketchbook: Honey badger no care! Update 7.12

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    Honey badger no care! Update 7.12

    Hello there!

    I've been drawing all my life - but never seriously. I've hardly practiced. Now instead of regretting this, I'm finally going to be serious about art. Please feel free to take my art appart!

    Am I practicing the right way?

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    I'm not actually sure what to practice first. Postures and muscle anatomy mixed at the same time? hmm

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    Stuff of today :>

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    And more. I think I understood a few more things which is great :>

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    Environment from imagination and a face from reference

    Is that composition on the environment okay? It seems so bright and has too many light spots - or am i seeing this wrong?

    Also, that face looks more asian than the original picture, somehow

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    Hey thanks for the comment on my sketchbook.

    Some of these are looking pretty good! I especially like the colors in that last landscape (in #4), and the general feel of the imagined environment (in #5).

    My advice is:
    1) Try keeping your brush bigger and looser for longer (this will help you focus on color, composition, and form, which are more important than texture), and
    2) Read up a little bit on reflections in perspective. It will help you a lot with your water, I think. Most of what we see when we look at water is just a reflection of the sky, so water should have a perspective gradient similar to that of the sky. For instance in the last landscape on #4, the water should be reflecting the dark undersides of those clouds. Also visible in that painting is what seems to be a strange reflection of the island. Here's an okay primary on how to think about reflecting objects vertically. I'm sure there are significantly better tutorials on perspective available online though, and I'm sure CA would be the place to find them. (I just haven't been around here that long!)

    Anyway, hope that's helpful. Keep up the good work!!

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    Thanks a lot kmaxon21!

    Sorry for the late reply - I was moving to Berlin.

    1) I will certainly do, thanks. I pinned a little note to my screen to remember that!

    2) That tutorial is good already - thanks a lot! Seems like I understand this so far, I'll try this out next time to make sure I'll learn.

    A few sketches I did when I didn't have internet..Now that I look at it i notice I did too many details for the fact that I didn't do proper anatomy/composition..>.<
    Imagination: Probably too Anime/Comic, what do you think?
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    Hello mate, good digital work!!
    Try to practice more traditional painting and drawings!
    Good work!
    Keep it up!

    "If you really want something you can figure out how to make it happen." M. C. Escher


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    Thanks, I followed your advice Black Sun!
    So I've moved to Berlin..
    Sorry for the crappy photos, need to fix my scanner. :/ Lower ---> newer.

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    Hey Purim thanks for checking out my sketchbook and such a kind foresight into how you think i will become in future xD fingers crossed!
    I'm liking your work so far! I'm noticing a change from your earlier stuff, so you must be putting the miles in. Speed painting I believe in a way is as good as sketching. you are breaking yourself in to a new aspect rather than doing a slow study. sketching helps you to see things as a whole; helps you capture the overall essence, where as a slow study is more focused towards capturing detail. both are essential. speed painting is a step up from traditional sketching as you are now implementing/exercising your colour perception. Bang out a ton of related studies and then test yourself to see what needs work by drawing completely from imagination. try as much as possible to simplify things!
    I'm looking forward to your progress!

    p.s. reading my own words I can't help but notice I tend to type in a very teaching manner rather than advice from my point of perspective- which I would prefer you look at my words as. I'm still a very low level and what I believe to be correct could in fact be completely wrong so do take with a mega pinch of salt and see what workss for yourself
    speak soon!

    If I happen to comment on your sketchbook, please don't feel obliged to comment on mine. use that time instead to get back to work.

    CA sketchbook:

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    got some nice practices in here! some crit for ya, in your digital studies it starts looking flat because you are going soft on the contrast and saturation so keep an eye on that. anyways keep posting!

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    Hey thanks a lot Kevin!
    I've played around a bit with it, the face is somehow awkward..but i guess it has more depth now!

    Didn't do much more than this, university is keeping me quite busy

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    Since I'm too lazy to photograph my sketchbook today (and rather spend time sketching) i'll just save some digital works online. I've really been slacking with digital studies lately, ugh. Concentrating on anatomy and gestures at the moment though, so i guess it's okay *excuses*

    I know the blue light doesn't make much sense, but it just looked so pwetty..also I tried to make the badger face side smaller 'cause badgers have really slim pointy faces, so the whole face looks quite warped and deformed, meh.
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    Yume Nikki WIP, legs need to be shortened, get me some scissors! >
    Name:  nikki.jpg
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    Snow princess or something.
    Name:  sn.jpg
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    nice studies
    keep up the good work
    i really like the colors of the second portrait - good job
    i hope you dont bother - i did a little adjustments for fun.

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    Zauselbarts Sketchbook

    Looking for a Mentor!
    stop whining, start working
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