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Thread: Loki WIP

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    Loki WIP

    Hello everyone,
    I'm finishing up on this piece and wanted to get some honest feedback. I realize there are little nuances that need to be fixed. But I have been staring at this thing for a while now, hence me seeking constructive crits. Tear this thing apart if you have to, I am not married to my work...most of it at least .

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    I like this, overall very nice. A couple of things that stand out to me is the lighting on the tips or top part of the horns seems a little off. Looks like it curves and then flattens. (Or that just might be me)

    Also the lips and teeth seem a little flat, in comparison to the rest of the face.

    I'm certainly no expert, so I may be wrong. But those were the issues that stood out at first glance.

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    Sorry for brief and to the point feedback, but I'm at work, and gotta be quick.

    Right off the bat I see his skull is too long and way too large on the top. The horns are out of perspective, you can especially see it well at the base. Unless he's wearing some form of crazy armoured body glove, the muscles on and around his neck are all wrong. He's also missing his adam's apple. That area should not be that deep in shadow. Sort out your light source - where ever it's coming from, the horns should not cast shadows in opposite directions.

    Hope this helps and sorry again for brief reply.

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    Thanks for the comments! Yeah, I agree on everything you guys pretty much mentioned. I haven't really refined the teeth, hence it's flatness and I just had trouble with that neck all together. I need to look at reference a bit more for that. I'll make changes based on your crits and post later today. Again, thanks for the feedback!

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    The final version of this was due last night so here's what I ended up with.

    and here is the color version

    again, thanks for the feedback!

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