Function Key 'Lag'

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    Function Key 'Lag'

    So, I just installed the new Wacom Cintiq 24HD Drivers for my Mac OS X 10.7.4 machine and I'm not very pleased...

    I love my function keys; a lot. Right now, I have my 5 keys (right hand side, I'm a lefty) set to: "Step Forward, Step Back, Option Modifier, New Layer, and Merge Down"; all bound by using there respective hot-keys (i.e. option-comand-z for step backward). Whenever I use any hotkey, be it Step Backward or Option Modifier, I cannot paint immediately after pressing the key. Example: I paint, screw something up, step backward via my function key on cintiq, draw immediately after pressing key, no stroke appears, try to paint again, stroke appears.

    It's definitely a software issue, as I've tried it with the mouse and all of the function keys and I get the same response, also because it happened after updating the cintiq drivers.

    It's driving me mad! I'm going to try to troubleshoot this more later, but I was hoping someone had a similar issue and found a quick-fix.
    I'll post if I can get it fixed myself, incase someone else is having trouble with this.

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    I posted on the Wacom forums and it turns out there are a few other people who are having this issue.

    It looks as if it's just isolated to people running the newest drivers and are on OS X 10.7.4 (Aka: Lion)

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    I have the same problem driving me insane! Have you found any solutions?

    Robert Carter
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