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Thread: Dragon Slayer Crit needed

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    are you going to finish it?
    I think you could refine it much more, but still it is a good speedpainting. (At least, i like it)
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    You always seem to make drawing that warrior on the bottom look quick and easy ; v ; b
    Love the dragon!

    Just one thing:
    Could you make the distance of the three heads a bit more definite?
    Which one's closer to the warrior (or the viewer?) Which one is furthest back?
    Are all three of them at the same distance?

    I ask this because the dragon's head that's on the farthest right looks like it's closer to the warrior however the light shown on its neck says so otherwise. If it is closer, chances are the light shown on it would be less than the one further back. (note the hole at the top of the cave)

    That means to also watch out for the size of the necks > <

    Other than that...great stuff!
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    I feel one thing that was stronger in #5 was the the POV was more groundlevel, from the soldiers height. Then we see it like him, staring up at the big, dangerous dragon adding to how menancing threat the dragon is supposed to be. In these later ones we are staring down on the scene from a point floating about in the air, which feels more deattached. I feel it would strengthen the piece and add to it. Otherwise the painting is great. I hope I got my point across, I've never actually written critique before If you were to do this as concept, I think thumbnails would probable help next time so placement and composition is already pre-planned.
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    I have some suggestions for you.

    I think you should position the heads at different depths to make the dragon less flat. That involves scaling the heads differently.

    I would also get some anatomy references for the legs to attach them better to the body and come up with some way to better show how the necks connect into the body and each other.

    The underbelly lines are all horisontal and flattens out the form of the neck, so skew those slightly.

    Lastly, add some of the nice dark values from the knight to the edges of the rock formations to frame everything and keep the eye of the viewer looking at your dragon.

    Here is a paintover with the suggestions.
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    @ eddy thx again
    @Kouii am lookin into it
    @ indiee i felt the same way too every time i tried to get tht feel i messed up lol ;L
    @obsfelder Wow amazing Op man it really gives dynamism to my other wise firm pose i tried the pose but cant quite get the right feel i guess i wil hav to finish it some other time thx again mate
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    I like the lower horizon line from post #5 a LOT more. I'd like to see you go back to that one \=
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