Sketchbook: I have wasted my Hours
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Thread: I have wasted my Hours

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    Smile I have wasted my Hours

    EDIT 4/11/2014: New introduction! I'm 18 years old, a high school student who will study illustration at MICA starting fall 2014. I'm aiming to be either a concept/visual development artist someday.

    Feedback is always welcome!


    EDIT 7/8/2013: I should make a new introduction here (disregard the one at the bottom, I'm only keeping that for memory's sake). Hello I am 17 years old, high school student. I want to be a concept artist or industrial designer in the future! Go to the second page for more of my work.

    Feedback, critiques, and comments are all welcome! Enjoy~


    Hello there! I am a high schooler who just completed sophomore year. I turned 16 in April and my dream is to be either a concept artist, illustrator, or animator in the future.

    I've been stalking a few people's CA sketchbooks for quite a while now, but today I've decided to join in.

    So... I hope you enjoy my sketchbook, and I absolutely love feedback! I hope I improve my art a lot by the next year.

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