Sketchbook: Sketch/Concept- Aven D.
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Thread: Sketch/Concept- Aven D.

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    Red face Sketch/Concept- Aven D.

    Okay so this is my first submission.
    I'm scared. I'm sorry but this flusters me a bit. I've hear of some of the criticing and I'm scared but not scared enough to not get critics.

    So this is a species I created for a planet distanced from earth. Her species is dubbed as dragonoid but they aren't dragons. So was criticed on using a more vibrant color palette with her and after 4 attempts I got this.

    So critic away and some pointers?? At this point I don't have a full-scaled body done but from this I can say that she's got a bi-ped form with a thick salamader like tail and body markings.

    So what do you think???

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