Need critics and tips to make things better...

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  1. Need critics and tips to make things better...

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    Well, it looks kinda blurry or smudgy overall, like you painted it all with an airbrush and some of the things, like that hand looks pretty undefined. Also I wonder why the bright orange tint in the skin, when it and the light isn't visible in the hair or the clothes.

    Did you have a ref for this?

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  3. Yes I had a reference pic.

    It was this one

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  4. How can I achieve better detail and sharper edges?
    e.g the wrinkels and hair?

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    I'm not really an expert, but it looks to me like you're using soft-edge brushes a little too much. It always looks better if you use a hard-edge (e.g. hard round) brush and go back and forth until the colors are mixed properly. Also, you need a better value range on your painting, right now it just looks kinda like his skin's glowing.
    Going along with what TinyBird said, if you look at the reference, there's an orange glow on his clothing as well which should be depicted in the painting.

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    If it were me I would try and overlay the reference photo with your painting and switch the filters to darken, or lighten and see where you can really push the contrasting edges with hard round brushes. It will probably help you get some nice hard edges and see the contrasts your missing which gives it that soft look.

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  7. Thanks for your advice.
    I'll try this as soon as I got my PC back.

    About the hard brush:

    What value should I use for opacity and flow to mix colors?

    As for the whole process.... should I start with just greyscale to get the lighting right?
    And if I do so, how to turn into a colored version?
    Or does it make sense to start with the color right away?

    You know any good tuts about coloring?

    Thank you in advance

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