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Thread: Mutant frog

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    Mutant frog

    Hi, I'm new to digital painting and I'd like to have some critique for this image.
    Thanks in advance for every comment (positive, or negative)


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    Not bad for the first few tries. But you need to get back to the basics. There are problems with your digital painting that have nothing to do with digital painting. Like the light is all over the place -- the plants and leaves show that the light is coming from behind the frog but then the front of it is all lit up, and from different directions at that. Then you're just guessing at things like colour and texture, especially on the tree trunks. Going by your blog you take a lot of photographs. So why don't you use them as reference? Go and photograph the trees in your area and see what the bark looks like under different lighting conditions.
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    Hi, thank you very much for watching and commenting my paint.
    You're right, the lights are all wrong my big mistake was starting from a photo (the frog is copied from a picture) and not taking care about the lights!
    I'll try to redo the entire painting copying colors and lights. And I'll take some pictures of trees


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