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    Academy Of Art University Or FZD

    Hey,Right now i am going through the most confusing phase in my life.I am from India where animation is restricted to mythological stories and 3D animation.I want to make in the comic book and concept art field.Since there are not good schools in my country i am seeking education abroad.Now the problem is where should i go ? should i go for FZD work my ass off for a year or go study illustration at the reputed Academy Of Art.Also how much does one get paid after graduating since if i plan for The academy of art the cost of studying there is equal to the lifetime savings that my parents made.

    Would mean a lot if you guys could give me some guidance.

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    Hey Anirudh2012,

    I've been at the Academy Of Art University for 3 years now, and am now trying to transfer to FZD. AAU is a great school for beginners. It offers all the fundamental classes you need, and some you don't need (however, they are certainly "business minded", and require some classes that'll leave you questioning "Why do I even need this"). There will be some GREAT teachers, but some teachers will make you hate the school for hiring them (these teachers are either lazy, or don't know what they're talking about). So, I would suggest you do extra research on which classes to take, and with which teachers you should take them (ask your advisor to sign you up with the teacher you want). There are MANY opportunities in this school, including workshops, clubs, and LAB times (you can do your work in the LAB's, they usually have everything you need to complete your assignments from class), but you will need to figure out and schedule everything on your own. The school will not hand feed you information, so take advantage of reading some of the announcements and flyers (this goes for everything from classes, workshops, up coming events, and course materials and discounts). What I've also noticed is some teachers are too lenient on their students and don't push them hard enough, so students pass the class thinking they are okay to move on to the next course, and that is totally false. You as the student need to do both the homework assigned to you, and extra training on your own time (workshops, clubs, use your LAB times, etc.) either wise, you will NOT make it in the industry once you graduate.

    From what I've seen of FZD, they too, also offer good fundamental classes (perhaps even better than AAU in terms of quality and homework/assignments given), but it won't go as in-depth as AAU will simply because 1 year isn't enough time to properly go over it all. But what AAU lacks (pushing their students to go from a complete amateur to a respectable professional in just 1 year), is what FZD is great for. Now, certainly, that can't be the case for all the students, but the ones who are able to keep up with the program's speed should definitely accomplish such a feat. So if you are a complete beginner, you may want to re-think your decision in going to FZD over, but if you are intermediate/semi-intermediate, this school will definitely be one of the top schools for prospective concept designers.

    So, take your time and research (look at CURRENT student work for both schools and compare). Also keep in mind that AAU focuses more on soft surfaces (humans, cloth, landscapes,etc.), as opposed FZD which focuses more towards industrial design. Best of luck to you!
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