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    gesture poses (question)

    well i was wondering if you had a process for doing 30 sec and 1 min gestures i have my own and i just want to compare to see if im in the right track

    im no sure if this is the right subforum to post to if this needs relocation please tell me so


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    I learned gesture drawing in very free form way, with line weight and movement being the main characteristics in these gestures. While I think this looks terrific in charcoal, in doesn't translate over to other mediums, paint maybe a bit. I have taken to carrying charcoal or paint around everywhere, but still need to sketch a gesture every once in a while. I've been trying a different approach that revolves around hitting land marks, torso center line, shoulder line, hip line, belly button, face center line, etc. I don't think I could do it as quick as I could 'action' oriented gestures, they take about 2-3 mins before you can see what you're looking at.

    Take this with a grain of salt though, because I'm not necessarily doing gestures, closer to quick fast pose sketches. I'm using these reference for later compositions, so I have to be able to recognize what I drew. Generally ( don't quote me on this ) gestures are studies of the 'action' of a pose, whether they are recognizable or not is beside the point, ( I think ) true gestures are a warm up to for the artist to get into mindset of visualizing ... the dynamics of what they are drawing, not sketches. Similar to athletes stretching before a match, gestures are really just personal preperation.

    Ive seen gesture be anything from scribble-line drawing to people slashing marks on the paper. They are one of these 'artistic freedom' things where there is no right way of doing it. I don have one good piece of advice though: do not rush, even if there is a timer, or the model changes poses, go at the pace you plan to work at, set a comfortable cadence that you can keep when you start the longer drawings as well.

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    There are so many ways to do it, but I think for 30-60 second gestures you probably should just concentrate on getting the 'essence', or rather, the volume of the figures down.

    Some samples of my 30-60 sec poses in case you're interested:
    gesture poses (question)
    gesture poses (question)

    but really, there is no 'right way'. Find what's most comfortable for you and enables you to learn fast and most effectively. ymmv.

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    pretty much in order I try to get:

    Flow of the spine to the weight or support
    tilt and twist of the head correct
    Tilt of the shoulder girdle
    Tilt of the pelvic girdle
    Mass and orientation of the torso/rib cage
    Flow of the limbs and angle/orientation of the hands and feet

    I try to get all of that correct while pushing the attitude a bit to really describe the action. Usually that's all I can get in 30 sec if working with line tools. With broad tools I also lay in the big shadow forms.

    Something I think is worth mentioning is that even a long pose drawing should start with gesture.
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    What would Caravaggio do?

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    I always search and destroy forms and movement. I rarely take me utensil off the page and work in big round strokes. I think the best gestures are done in 30 seconds or less anything more then that is a simple sketch not a gesture. Here are some old examples.
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    thank you so much you all for your answers so yes my thinking was correct im varyating between the seeing forms and how they interact way of drawing and using lines to punctuate the shoulder and hip lines plus the very first line i put in my paper is the flow line of the pose that helps me to let the weight fall in, im using a new method this days its very hard to explain ill try to make a post of it plus some images, this has helped me alot knowing your thinking while doing the poses and has given me alot more confidence in figure drawing !

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