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    Turbo Graphics 16

    Anyone remember this system, how could we let it die!

    Who remembers Bonk! I miss that friggn cave man, "Heed, pants now!"

    "He looks like an orange with a toothpick sticking out of it."

    Relive TG16 memories here......

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    BONK indeed

    I remember this system... I played many hours of bonk at my friends house across the street, I guess I was that dude that was only at his house to play the sytem... But he was the only kid in town with the turbo graphix 16!!! I did love my huge ass original game boy... AHh man those were the days...

    HOw about the sega game gear that was a keeper for sure, I still play my game gear... And I have to admit I also have a Virtual boy, its great to bust out at partys and watch drunk people try to focus on those wierd ass games and then barf on the floor from confusion....

    Live long and prosper turbo graphix 16 and other lost treasures...


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    Some interesting tidbits on the TG16:
    It ran on its main processor wich was only an 8 bit cpu, and it was origionally a test machine.
    NEC was working with Nintendo to develop their next console under the code-name SNES... Some heated arguments here, some creative conflicts there, and the big 'N' droped 'em... so NEC took their workings and pumped out the TG16

    Also the TG16 CD-ROM was the first ever CD console on the market, and it's first game developed was Fighting Street (the first Street Fighter)

    I got 2 TG16's ... unfortunately just the regular ones, and they're on their last leg : \

    I have to say that TG16's games pumped out some of the worst box-art ever : D
    It's my goal to find a TurboDuo and Bonk III.... but if I go through Ebay that can be a good $350 investment, considering how collectable they've gotten.

    My TG16 Collection as it stands:
    Bonks Adventure
    Fantasy Zone
    Final-Lap-Twin (RPG racing...)
    Blazing Lazers (classic and impossible)
    Tiger Road
    Ordyne (yes)
    Aero Blaster (oh, hell yes)
    Space Harrieer
    Pac Land
    Dragon Spirit
    Keith Courage in Alpha Zones (LOL box-art)

    Here's some shots of that remake of Bonk for the Cube:
    bonk remake

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    Heh... my first game job was doing sprites for Beyond Shadowgate. I spent 2 1/2 years of my life on that game, and we went gold just as the TurboDuo was dropping off the game store shelves.

    The 12 or so people who bought a copy really liked it, though :cool:

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