My name is Lorraine Frasquillo. I'm a self taught artist, and a single mom with two children. I spent a few fun years teaching at a private fine art school until it collapsed in an earthquake back in 2001, and probably learned a lot more from my students than they ever did from me.

My goal is to become a professional illustrator and concept artist so I can support my family. I need to develop my digital illustration skills, and overall illustration skills among other things. I feel like I can draw things and make things up in my head, but I still can't create an illustration that tells a story in a single image. I'm hoping to get into TAD because that would really speed the learning process along and it's a school I can attend while being with my family.

I did apply for TAD, and hope very much to get a scholarship. If not, I'll continue along the self taught route utilizing the incredible resources here at CA. I'm really looking forward to learning something from any critiques folks are willing to give.