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  1. There is more negative than positive to assist you in succeeding in your art work, but like everyone else has been saying and more, all you need to do is remember the three P's; Practice, Practice, Practice, and if that isn't enough, practice, practice, practice some more.

    Good luck with your experience as I'm also sometime in the rut, but just doing the work will get you out of the rut in no time at all!

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    Well color has its own value. I remember posting this sample from http://www.huevaluechroma.com


    Do you see your colors that way in greyscale? I can tell you 9 times out of 10 most (people) may not, and depending on the mode they work in like if they're not working in LAB mode in PS they'll have to do some kind of shifting. If you're picking color more in center of whatever color picker you're and less along the edges you're going to start muddying your colors.

    I guess if I could put it like this (and again I'm not talking RGB where higher value = white)

    Let's say in greyscale you used a value of 2. You then want to work in color but picked a red that has a value of 2 as well. You now got it more closer to value of 4 because you added more value. If this makes sense. This happens especially if you put it in the wrong layer mode.

    Setting your layer mode to Color would probably be a more accurate mode to use with this technique. However, with some colors you may realize that's not actually the value you meant to go for. So some adjusting is still necessary.

    If it were that simple, Colorized Classics should be looking hella good

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    Study and Practice

    I'm 23 years old and my stuff still look beginner but I still keep getting up and trying but if you want more encourgement then click this link



    Everything is permitted
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