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    Anime/Manga Perspective Practice

    I hope those images show up .-.

    The first picture is about two weeks old, the second one is A microsoft paint work I did earlier today. Since on deviantart it isn't exactly easy to get some critique when you're not very well known, I thought that I would be able to get some here, even though many of the artists are leagues ahead of me. XD But all the same, any feedback is helpful feedback.
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    I'll get ahead of everyone else and say right off the bat; Anime is great, but its foundations are the same as damn near every other visual style; real life. The only reason we recognize an anime eye, or head, or body is because we have exp[experience with real eyes, heads, bodies, etc. If you really want to get better, to inform yourself about the basics, you have to start drawing real people, studying muscles, faces, the planes of the body and all the other things that others who have more "realistic" styles need to know. Anime is no different, the more you know about real people the better you'll be able to abstract all those parts.

    Here especially I see a problem with form. the bodies and especially faces look very flat. you're going to have to draw out the 3d objects that make up the head, front plane of the face, neck etc and learn where the features sit and how they push forward and pull back in 3d space. I recommend getting a copy of Andrew Loomis' Drawing the Head and Hands for one of the best explanations of planes as it relates to the face.

    Anyhow, start a sketchbook in the sketchbook section and work as much as you can on real faces and bodies. you'll get advice here and there and you'll really start working towards improving and informing your art.

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    Get Loomis, a pack of cheap paper, some pencils, and practice structural drawing. Nothing else will help you.

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    Work on your proportions and understanding of 3D. Proportions are very important. There's often very little noticeable difference between an attractive person and an unattractive one -- a small difference in the shape and position of the facial features or in the proportions of the body or the colouring. What this means is that it's very, very easy to accidentally make an unappealing character without realizing it. And what that means is that you have to study proportions and be really careful so that you aren't sending a message to your audience that you never intended like "my character has deformed arms" or "my character lifts weights with her neck".
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