The book I have been working on for a long time now centers around two children.

I have found I really like the way things turn out at times where I can find some reference photos for objects, scenes and character poses in my art. I have been downloading References from Newsgroups and developing a collection.

But if you know anything about the internet you probably know where this is going with the words Children and Newsgroups used in the same sentance. It is really hard to find a source for children candids without running into people who are posting totally innappropriate things or even illegal things.

I could just download adults because then if someone throws in nudity it does not matter(in fact its a plus) but children move different the proportions are different the expressions are different everything is different.

Sometimes I dont know what creeps me out more the illegal stuff or the stuff people take stalking out playgrounds and fairs. Which brings up another issue, the playground and fair stuff has some good casual stuff, but is it somehow crossing a moral line to use it knowing that the person behind the camera was looking for something a bit more indecent than I am?

So are there places on line you go to for refrences on children?