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Thread: Thera's work.

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    Thera's work.

    Hi, I'm therahedwig. I study international game architecture and design at the NHTV in Breda, the netherlands. I'm at a little weird time in my life, I had a burn-out past year, and until a few weeks ago pretty much anything I made looked absolutely horrendous because I was so stressed I lost sight of the basics. Gradually this has been returning to the point I feel a little good about my art. I guess it has come to the point I'm not feeling too afraid to join this place anymore.
    I currently find myself good enough to be able to draw what I want, but I feel I'm still pretty average and there's a lot I need to try out still.

    Current website
    Old (defunct) deviantart if anyone's that interested in how I drew like, four years ago.

    I uploaded a variation of stuff. The church-pictures and the self-portait are two years old and drawn from life. The inked landscape and old lady are from around april and the big painty piece is actually a crazy piece of fanart finished last monday.
    I hope you'll like them.
    Uhm, I guess I'll be doing some facial studies soon.

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    I'm at a point in my live where there's no outside institute directing how I spend my daily life, so my mother suggested I work on this comic project that had been lying around.

    So anxious to make sure everything went alright, I posted my designs to a webcomic forum.

    It's a little bit of TL;DR type of story.

    ( Click to show/hide )
    First posts said 'oh, you made some mistakes, poses are stiff and such, maybe use reference next time?'
    I replied: You're right. I think I'm having some trouble visualising these faces in 3d space, I'm making a 3d model to use as reference.

    Then someone said "No, you have to study faces in RL if you want to improve and besides that model is inaccurate(they didn't bother to point out why or how)"
    I: Okay, I'll see what I can do, but there's no possible way I can take modeling classes or draw people from RL.
    I: 'Posts life-drawings' *Gets no response whatsoever*

    I: *posts the first comic page*
    Someone: *Actual helpful crit*

    Someone entirely different: Actually, while you can render nicely, everything looks disjointed, try using less reference.

    I: I didn't use reference for those pictures.(I really didn't, it's from imagination) Maybe it's because I haven't drawn them enough, so they don't look consistent. But, everyone says that whenever I do let my imagination fill in the blanks, it looks terrible. It's a little frustrating because I really want to get started on working on it.

    Another person: You having a lacking foundation, don't confuse copying with reference, you are bad at using reference.

    I: But I didn't use reference. Look, you're gonna have to be clearer with me, because I have no fucking clue what I'm doing.

    ANother person: Well, this, this, and this is wrong. Go back over your pictures and tell me why you construct them the way you do.

    Someone else(from before) maybe you should try this and this.

    I: Alright *Makes self portrait and makes video of it*

    Someone else: Oh, well, you can observe... *Convo ends up in us agreeing it might be that I need to think in shapes more...which now confuses me, because then why didn't they bother to crit the 3d model?*

    I: *tries to do some character-faces again*

    Another person: The crosshatching is ugly, the character's undetailed hair is ugly, you have no understanding of how detail works. The elf looks ugly as well, don't mix such stylised element with realistic ones.

    I: But I wanted to keep the hair simple, so that I can add detail when I colour it.

    Another Person: If you want to colour it, why are you posting it like this, we're not psychic.

    I: I assumed that people would be able to consider it like that.
    Well, to me he looks like that, I designed them at fifteen, so yes, they look a little weird, but honestly I can't imagine them differently.

    Another Person: Well, you shouldn't anyway, because the lineart needs to be perfect regardless of how you colour it.

    Also, you are a bad artist for sticking to disicions you made when you were 15, and all your character designs are bad anyway.

    I: I know that, that's why I'm trying to improve their character designs in the first place.
    *I post vague descriptions of what these characters should look like*

    Someone else: Well, if they're bad character designs, you should throw them away. Besides, it all sounds ridiculously clichéd anyway.

    I gave up on that point.

    My problem right now is that I don't want to lose the character designs because 1) It's exactly how I identify them. 2) I know that there's a good design in them, even if I can't get it out.

    Furthermore, I can't really trust these people, because the feedback they give me is unhelpful, they don't seem to respect the idea that I may have an own opinion about things, and for some reason on every subject we agree is a weakpoint, they are apparantly some world experts, because they can't seem to be bothered directing me to an expert on drawing shapes or character design. (Truthfully, I don't think the person who said my CDs were bad has very good CDs himself, but that's neither here nor there)

    Anyhow. Does anyone have any character design tutorials? Specifically for characters that are more on the realistic side?
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