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    working on a portfolio and i need your help!

    I hope to god this is the right forum section for this, cause I dunno where to put this. So generally, I only did around 5 portfolio pieces from this year, but I feel as if they are weak, even the ones I am showing you.

    I don't know what to put in my portfolio, is there any college checker I can check that I live near online? I mean to find art colleges, I only know 2 art colleges. School of Visual Arts and Fashion Insitute.

    I went to my school and they have near no logs of this, and it is so frustrating.

    I'm so confused on what I NEED to get into art college, and what I need that's vital for ANY art college to see. WHAT DO I NEED!? Everyone is giving me such different answers!

    So, I have a work in progress of a still life I am doing now, the pink one is a self portrait. and the burning in hell one was conceptual but I don't think I wanna put it in my portfolio.

    Can I put nudity in my portfolio, y'know with nipples and genetalia. My art teacher told me I'd have to hide them and be tasteful but I though art colleges teach you nudes!?

    What do I need in a portfolio? What the hell do I do, Im going ot be a senior this year.
    all 3 are done in arcylic so far.

    I plan on doing 6 still lives, and picking the 3 best ones for my portfolio buts thats all I have stable grounding on.

    I am going to be amazing! .

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    A portfolio is a demonstration of your skill sets and your interests, nothing more. You just have to show what you can do and what you actually like to do, possibly not hurting anyone. Being polite is a general rule (i mean to not show porn or gore in your submissions) cause you'll never know who's going to review it.

    Quit being nervous about the portfolio, if you're doing your best there's nothing to be afraid of, just take whatever they tell you and use it to improve. Never forget to ask where to improve!

    Anyways 3 pieces are too few for a review if this isn't everything you've done, in that case then you need to work a lot more.

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    Well, I just did the whole apply to art schools thing. My advice to you is apply to a bunch of art schools and interview with them regularly. You're definitely going to need at least 10 images, preferably more. If you have a recognizable style and a cohesive portfolio, you're more likely to get a scholarship. Find what enjoy drawing and keep expounding upon those ideas. Honestly, I don't suggest too many pure still lifes. You want to show that you're past academic, technical studies. Try to make yourself a marketable artist.

    I'm loving the first piece, the self portrait. It's very serene and beautiful. It's my favorite out of the bunch.
    The second one is a bit symmetrical, Try some using some observation on the neck. I think adding the dimensions of stressed tendons will add to the tension and emotion.
    The third is in a very early stage so I'm not quite sure what's going on. With a pure style life, you really have to work on some sort of focus in the picture.

    I hope this helps you. Just keep making art this next year. Go to National Portfolio days and what not. There are tons of art schools out there. I wish you luck, it's a lot of work.

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    Oh, and figure drawing/nudes are totally acceptable and encouraged.

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    Mostly what you need to get into "art college" is a way to pay for it. It looks like you have plenty of Hitsu//San said - just do your best. You don't go into an art and design school already trained - they know this. Nudes are fine btw...and it would be weirder if naughty bits were covered up or something.
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    Here is some advice to help you since nobody really pointed out the business side to things.

    Your portfolio is your life, your career, your passion and how you pay your bills. Draw pieces but not small ones make them large. Talk with the college you want to go in and ask them if they accept prints. They might not want the original or need the original pieces at hand.

    Talk to graduates of the school or people attending the school or the people doing the exams directly and ask the universties/colleges what they are looking for in art. EVERY SCHOOL HAS A DIFFERENT OUTLOOK. Some are highly critical on lighting some care about compositions etc etc they all have different tastes. Then draw your portfolio designed 100% for their critique and view. If they like lighting draw a piece with an accurate complex lighting.

    When your showing your portfolio. Dont talk alot, dont give them alot of words or wordy information. practice what you want to say and how you want to discuss your artwork and make sure its artwork that is easy to discuss. Conceptual stuff is not good here. The reason for this is because the people judging your portfolio have many people they have to examine an don't have the time to thoroughly discuss the artwork of all the applicants, drawing the examination out longer can turn off your application process.

    Also, dont hide features and drawings in your composition. If your drawing a portrait draw the whole head and shoulders.

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