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    I watched a lecture on leadership today and I thought I would share something (very simple) that was said. This chart represents the cycle of improvement that, while obvious, is a nice reminder for those trying to get better at what they do (Art, drawing, painting, sports, or anything really). Each component is essential and, if you feel like you are not improving, you might be lacking one of these steps. There are no short cuts.


    Learn: Figure out what your weaknesses are and what needs to improve.

    Want: Have desire to improve and be better at what you do.

    Practice: Well...Practice! When you learn your weakness and have the drive to improve, do what is necessary to reach your goals. Repetition of *good habits* and hard work is really the only way to have progress.

    Apply: Practice means nothing if you do not apply it. Why do the same thing over and over, if not to apply it? This one is important for all of us that get too caught up in theory and never really use what we learn in our work. Practice gives you the fundamentals for application.

    Feedback: A very neglected step in improvement. Without it, there is no cycle and therefore no progress. After applying what you have practiced, see what is good and what is not, what you understand and what still needs work. Feedback is both something that should be done individually and by others (Like from people in this website). With feedback you *learn* what needs work. I put this in the end, but it also can be the first one. Its a cycle, so there really is no beginning and end.

    Rinse and repeat until awesomeness.

    Hope this helps someone. It made a lot of sense to me.
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    great thanks! Reminds me that I feel like I'm so lacking in Practice and Feedback, even though I draw everyday (it's my full time job now as a freelancer, but yes when I'm not doing work-art I do own art and sketches and studies).

    Ha I wish I can clone myself but have synchronized brains and take turns to sleep and draw...LOL

    and for the feedback, yes I feel like I need to hang around here more often for that. I've been so out of touch with art communities and stuff.

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    Yes Feedback is a hard one. that is the one I am lacking the most right now, since I dropped my online sketchbook after I got to college. I need to start posting again!

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    Interesting...I'll be following this cycle from now on, as it makes sense to me and I experience it, too. Thanks for it, Alternative.

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    Applying is the extra hard for me, it's sometimes damn hard trying to change something you've been doing for so long.
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