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Thread: environments

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    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to put this, hopefully I got it right. these are a few environments that I have done and I was wondering how I could improve my ability to portray a believable image, some are speedpaints, a few thumbnails, the ocean/bay/harbor took me a few hours (the one I don't like) any form of critique would be highly appreciated.

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    Hmm, I do think these look nice (I'm a fan of waterfalls and rivers), but personally the sudden and strong atmospheric perspective gets repetitive, especially when I see several images in a row like this and to me, it eats away the believability of the scene. I mean I get that these are fantasy places, but that sort of sudden, convenient fog that obscures everything after five meter is not something you generally see (unless it really is foggy).
    Also to me it might be that when I look at these, I mostly see just a flurry of brushes rather than a real environment.

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    I felt drawn right into your environments by your choice of color/tones for each setting and the atmospheric perspective is lovely. The last image is my favorite, I find environments clouded with smoke and fog tricky to pull off, but I think you do it fine. I have seen photos of thick clouds that rain in the distance, and that is generally how it looks. The only one that throws me off is the first image because I don't know what's emitting that red light. Crystals? Unlike the others, it feels unfinished somehow (even for a speedpaint). It is the only one of them where the simple brush strokes in the background don't give a basic enough idea of what might be there. I feel it could be either an underground cavern or a large ruined structure of some sort. Other than some detailing on that one, you're definitely doing something right here.

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