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    Graphics tablet.

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for graphics tablets. My last one - which I've only had for a year - got broken while we were redecorating.
    I'm used to having a tablet with an 'absolute'* setting as opposed to 'relative'**, so I'd prefer to have one with that capability.

    Yeah, so I've done some research, and I'm thinking of getting something a little better quality than my last one, like a Wacom or something. Do those come in A4 sizes?
    To be honest I've only ever bought one tablet and it wasn't particularly good; The pen was apparently put together with Pritt-stick and hope, and the tablet itself developed a dead zone that trapped the cursor so you couldn't move it out.

    I've browsed the Wacom site and Amazon, but I know you guys will know more about tablets than me.

    Thanks in advance!

    *You put the pen in the middle of the tablet, and the cursor goes to the middle of the screen.
    **You lift off with the pen and the cursor stays in the same place on the screen no matter where you put the pen on the tablet.

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    Don't buy a tablet that's the size of a piece of paper. Unless you usually draw in big arcs it's way too large for what you need.

    Learned that the hard way. But I should make it clear that it's due to my own personal habits. It can easily be different for everyone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barefoot View Post

    I've browsed the Wacom site and Amazon, but I know you guys will know more about tablets than me.
    Yes, so much so there's a whole forum for it

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