Who here uses the blur tool in Photoshop? If you do, do you ever wish it could be stronger? That it could blur more than it actually does?

I'm trying to get this idea under consideration on feedback.photoshop.com. If you want the blur tool to be stronger in Photoshop, please help make this idea more popular by voting for it here:


It would also help if you replied to it as well.

If you don't use the blur tool in Photoshop, have you ever considered using it? Would you be more likely to use it if it were stronger?

The reason I'm asking is because I personally find the idea of a blur tool to be perfect for blending in digital painting. I'm surprised it's not a more widely used tool for that. I know there are other tools in Photoshop that are good for blending, but the blur tool is highly underrated in my opinion. Think of the smooth brush in ZBrush. Photoshop has one, but it's strength is weak because it's designed for photo editing, not digital painting. Therefore, most people would never consider it a useful tool for digital painting. An example of a stronger, more useful blur tool for digital painting can be found in Artrage.

If you want to know more about why I think the blur tool should be stronger in Photoshop, follow the link to read the discussion on feedback.photoshop.com.