Hi all,

It's been a while since I've posted over here, just wanted to share with you guys a project that I recently completed.

"First Steps" is an original design based on what I imagine to be the initial moments of life for Dr. Frankenstein's monster as he rises from the operating table for the very first time.

The original sculpture was done is Super Sculpey, then transferred to wax for detailing. Ultimately, I molded the finished sculpt and made a resin copy to assemble and paint, which you see below.

*Side Note: This painted version recently won 1st Prize in Amazing Figure Modeler's "Monster Maker" contest at Monsterpalooza 2012 in Burbank, CA. This was a great honor as there was some very stiff competition!

Comments and Crits welcome, thanks for looking!

You can check out more of my work here: www.facebook.com/themonsterspeaks