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    cleaning my tablet(cintiq)

    What should I or shouldnt I use to clean my wacom cintiq, obviously dumping water any sort of alcohol isn't advised(although some of the driver issues iv had has made me want too) gimme some suggestions people

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    Have you considered some kind of delicate microfiber cloth, like the sort you'd use to clean eyeglasses? Just a suggestion, take it with a grain of salt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grimfeather View Post
    gimme some suggestions people
    The User Manual?

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    a clean microfiber cloth slightly damp with water only.

    NO CHEMICALS or you will be sorry.

    Make sure your cloth does not have any little crusties on it or you can scratch your surface.

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    +1 for microfiber cloth. I don't use any water or chemicals. For the 'stubborn" spots, I have found the the moisture from my breath is enough. They also work great on my eyeglasses, but I keep a separate, smaller one for that
    I bought one large enough to cover the screen when it is not in use, so I get double duty out of mine while also keeping it handy. Also, I use a soft cotton glove from the dollar store with all the fingers but the pinky cut off, to keep from smudging it in the first place.
    The system has worked very well so far, 3.5 years, and I have just two very small, very light scratches, both of which were not caused by the cloth or use. But I am very strict about the cloth only being used for the Cintiq, and take care that it does not get any material on it that can scratch.

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